Stoney Cove Xmas Dive

Continuing the tradition of diving at Xmas whatever the weather,6 hearty divers ventured North to Stoney Cove near Hinckley, Leicestershire. Freezing fog and frost (-2) were not too appealing but then it never is ..

David, Mark , Naiomi, Arnaud and myself met a Watford Gap Services for our last breakfast before diving into the nice cold lake that is Stoney Cove. Water temp was allegedly 9 degrees but it felt colder ( need to check dive computer sometime).

We did two dives, around 45 and 35 minutes a piece, max depth was around 24m. First dive down from the 6m ledge to the 23m one and follow the chain to the Stengarth wreck. Return same way and then goto to the block house and Nautilus submarine. Second dive was 5 of us going down the road to the West, passing the aircraft fusalage to some sort of box structure. At this point we split into two groups with my group heading south to the 23m ledge,locating the bus, the Stengarth again and returning to the exit. Second dive felt a lot colder and vis was down to 4-5m rather than the 10m+ on the first.

Definitely glad to get out of the wet gear at the end of the day but a sense of satisfaction of having two great dives.

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