Thames River Dive – 30th Nov 2013

First dive of the winter, with four CSAC divers taking the plunge and coming up with all sorts of rubbish !

The river had finally calmed down after the stormy weather earlier in the month and so we were on. Scheduled for 6am riverside meet, which in hindsight was way too early, 7am would have been better. We chatted, had a cup of tea and kitted up for an hour not wanting to do a night dive!

First pair in, Miles and David, attached to ropes for communications and to stop them floating off it they disappeared into the river. Miles circled the jetty whilst David went straight for the centre of the river and the deep depths of 2m!

Dive times around 30-40mins, 8 degrees, the river was running slightly towards the centre but easily crawled through!

Visibility was about 1m, dark and green but you can easily see without a torch. Bottom was gravel broken by grasses which i think will clear over the winter.

Most of the rubbish found was around the jetty and slip area. I guess the pub up the lane may have influenced the volume of stuff which had been dropped in ;)













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