Ocean Diver – Training Testimonial

Richard joined the club a few months back to start a BSAC Ocean diver course in preparation for a trip to the Maldives. He is what he said after completing the course and experiencing his first UK diving trip to Plymouth….

20th June 2012 : I, with no experience of diving whatsoever, did a suck-it-and-see “Try Dive” with the Chesham [in practice, Amersham] Sub Aqua Club, CSAC, at Amersham swimming pool.

20th Sep. 2012 : I, as a qualified Ocean Diver, explored the wreck, cannons and sea-life of the “Coronation”, a 90 gun Man of War that foundered off of the coast of Plymouth in 1691 with the loss of 600 men.

The club could not have been more welcoming and accommodating from start to “passing out”. [Which in no way whatsoever resembled the passing out parade at Sandhurst].

The course consisted of c. eight theory and practice sessions in Amersham pool, culminating in “open water” dives at Wraysbury [handy for the M25 and Heathrow] and Chepstow [handy for … Wales.]

Sessions were expertly and sympathetically led by David and Mike in the classroom, and Clive, Paul and John in the pool, with the ever-present Sally solicitously onhand to generally help nervous Newbies as they :

1.       put their flippers on the wrong way round

2.       called them flippers – the correct rufty-tufty diving term being fins of course

3.       dropped cylinders on their feet etc. etc.

The classrooom and pool based sessions flew by, and before we knew it we were exploring the silty depths, sunken wrecks, perch, pike and crayfish of Wraysbury, followed by the deeper Pacific-blue waters of Chepstow, where we gained our 20 metre qualifications. The small matter of the exam having been safely negotiated the week before. [No-one fails. Some just don’t pass.]

As a newcomer to diving, and the club, I could not have hoped for a better, friendlier, more professional introduction to the undersea world of Jacques Cousteau than I and my three fellow students experienced at CSAC. We all greatly look forward to putting our new skills, and qualifications, to the test on the many and varied ocean [and river] dives that the club organises.

Thank you again to all CSAC members for their help and welcome.

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