Kids Try Dive night June 2012 ( 10-13yrs )

Five children had their first taste of Scuba diving tonight and they loved it ! All born naturals in the water unlike their decrepit parents ! James, Hugo, Charlie, Iona and Jennifer had a quick intro and started their 45 minute underwater adventure….

This was our first try dive evening dedicated to children, for a long time we have wanted to get the member’s children in the water to share their parents love of diving but the one major hinderance to this is, Kit. The usual jacket and cylinder an adult  uses is just too big for a small person, hence, over the last 6 months we have been building up a number of smaller jackets and fins off ebay… With the result, that we could muster 6 small/xs jackets for tonight’s event.

David Tobin ( Training Officer) provided a briefing to the group and then each child was allocated an instructor for the evening, sometimes it was a parent but not always. One to one instruction in the first instance is the only way to do this… Thanks to Gary, John, Adele, David and Chris for helping in the water and Sally, Clive and Mark poolside!

The kids began with mastering their buoyancy with fin pivots and then the acrobats started… At this age they have no fear and were all over the place… 10 divers in the pool was a little crampt but it was fun… They also seem to have a fairly natural  trim/posture in the water which adults struggle with… they think about it too much!

Anyway, thanks for everyones help and I know we will be doing another kids night again!


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