Learning to Dive

Training with Chesham Sub Aqua

Chesham Sub Aqua Club (CSAC) maintain a regular training programme throughout the year for beginners to Advanced Divers.

As part of the British Sub Aqua Club we offer free training to members of CSAC & BSAC, the only costs are for course materials (£35) and your air!

Please refer to the BSAC website for further information on the course structure and talk to the training officer for course schedules.



Learning to Dive FAQ

I’ve never dived but always fancied having a go?

The starting point is having a Try Dive, going into Amersham pool with an instructor and see whether you like it. We supply everything you need and it costs £20. If you like it, then we would suggest you start a training course with us, the BSAC Ocean Diver is the entry level qualification.

What do I need to do to start training with you?

To start training, you need to :
* Join BSAC, this includes a monthly magazine and 3rd party insurance, its yearly and rates can be found at ( typical adult yearly rate is £55).. http://www.bsac.com/page.asp?section=1160
Join Chesham Sub Aqua which is £110 per year, or pro-rated if u join mid-year ( Juniors and Students are £60 per yer CSAC).
Pay for the course material, £40.
Get some kit for pool / open water sessions. We hire full sets of kit to trainees for £30 per month.

I did a PADI open water course on holiday in the Caribbean and I’d love to do some more.

The key here is that we will take your existing qualifications and convert them into the BSAC equivalent. However, we do a checkout dive in the pool on every previously qualified diver to verify certain capabilities. You don’t have to continue training, but its encouraged. Diving in UK waters is different from overseas and we will introduce you safely with the appropriate skills.


I dived at University many years ago, I’ve forgotten everything, and how can I get back into it again?

The question is, how much can you remember and is this enough to make you a safe diver? Probably not, we would ascertain your skills level and create a training plan tailored to you. We will discuss and agree it together.

I’ve no kit and don’t really want to spend a lot to find I don’t like it..

Kit hire is available to trainees at £30 per month whilst you on a CSAC training course.

NB We supply the expensive bits i.e. cylinder, regulator and buoyancy jacket. A wetsuit, mask and fins which are personal items (size/shape) need to be purchased by yourself.

One of the benefits of a club is that other members are constantly buying and selling kit between each other, hence 2nd hand kit is always available.

I’m an experienced diver, I’m not interested in spending my time in the classroom, I just want to dive, can I join ?

Of course, training is by no means compulsory.

I’ve no intention of diving in the UK, way too cold ;)

We can only provide training in the UK, hence it might be better to gain your qualifications overseas. Certainly, there are members who never dive in the UK but join for the social side of the club and  warm water trips we organise.

I’ve never dived in the UK, I’m trained but would like to give it a go, how can u help me?

Diving in the UK is different from say the Red Sea and you need to be prepared. We will provide the skills and introduce you to UK diving in a comfortable and safe way. Starting with skills update, kit preparation or loan, shallow dives and accompanied by an instructor.

How long does it take ? How much time do I have to commit to ?

Training courses last between 7-9 weeks, each Wednesday, from 8-9pm. Open Water diving sessions are usually at the weekends.

This sounds too long !

We all lead busy lifestyles and totally understand if our training times are too long, so we can recommend a number of local trainers (PADI & BSAC) who can train you more quickly and you will be very welcome to join/dive with us if you train with them.  A further cost for their time will be incurred.

I’m going on vacation in 3 months time and my skills are very rusty, can you do a refresher!

We will provide refresher training in the pool with an instructor, if you want to do an open water session that possible as well. All we ask is that you pay the instructors expenses ( air/travel etc) and pay a fee of £30 per session.

I’m already a member of PADI do I have to join BSAC ?

All members of Chesham Sub Aqua Club must be members of BSAC, this is a stipulation of BSAC and the insurance policy we hold.

You can still be a member of PADI.

I didn’t finish my course, can I finish it with you ?

We can only complete a BSAC course, we are not PADI/CMAS accredited. We can let you join an existing course or provide one to one training, however, you do need to join BSAC and CSAC to do this.

I’m 13 and I wish to learn to dive.

CSAC will train anyone age 13 or above.

We prefere Under 18’s be accompanied by a parent at pool sessions.


you may have read the above and still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cheshamsubaqua.com with any questions you may have, we are only too happy to answer your questions.

Safety is Paramount

Each year, all members are encouraged but not forced to take a refresher session in the basic skills and to test their kit in open water, hence every March/April, the entire club goes to Wraysbury for the Club dunk.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the training offices on training@cheshamsubaqua.com or come up any Wednesday from 9.30pm to meet anyone from the club to chat/discuss the many options we have.


You don’t need to be a super athlete to do scuba diving but you must be able to swim and be reasonably fit. Furthermore, some medical conditions might preclude you from diving, so, please talk to us first before diving.

Do it now! Call us John 07876 398309 / email us info@cheshamsubaqua.com or come up 9.30pm each Wednesday at Amersham Community Centre.



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