All Agencies Welcome (PADI/CMAS/TDI)

We welcome all divers, whatever their training levels and organisations.

We want you to come diving with us safely and share the passion we have.

Many of us have started out on holiday and just wanted to continue diving and have found Chesham Sub Aqua Club (CSAC) the place to do it.

We are happy to dive with divers from other training¬†organisations ( PADI, CMAS etc) and are not interested in the “them and us” type opinions.

For those that wish to dive with us, all we ask is:

You show us your qualifications/certs/log book etc.

You may need to do a checkout dive/skills review with us depending on the last time you dived, whether it be in the pool/lake or shallow sea dive.

We won’t force you to re-train, although as a BSAC club, training is provided at cost only.

You need to join BSAC for our third party insurance coverage and you can still belong to other agencies.

You need to join CSAC and pay our annual membership fee.

That’s it, please come along and have a chat …

John O’Hanlon



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