Swanage Dive with Divers Down – A Perfect Day – 13th July 2013

JohnOH organised another excellent expedition for the early birds, via http://www.diversdownswanage.co.uk/default.aspx, with ropes off are 06:50 [yes, 06.45] from Swanage.

The early start sorted the men and women from the goats, with a small but perfectly formed crew of John O, Richard G, Mark and Naomi T, David Tobin and his new best re-breather friend Andy (one of the hairiest men I have ever seen), Pauls Q and F, Mike P and Peter S diving.

Three dives were offered in the smorgasbord, with two cracking wrecks and depths to suit everyone :

 1.     Aeolian Sky, 148m freighter, sank in 1979, 18m to deck, 30m to seabed

2.     Black Hawk, US Liberty Ship, sank 1944, 15-20 m to sea bed, drift

3.     The Pier, 4 m to sea bed, gin clear as promised, lots of life, and lots of [interesting] jetsam

We dove [the first two] from Spike, an impressive and comfortable 40 foot cat.


We had ideal conditions, diving on the hottest, and calmest, day of the year. You could have played billiards on the sea. [If the balls had been made of something less dense seawater. And you were able to tread water with your upper body right out of the water to take the shot etc.]

Catch of the Cay was Paul F’s crab, affectionately known as Crabby the Crab, pictured. 18 inches across at least. I now

know that it’s an urban myth that they can’t pincer you if you hold them from behind. Paul took Crabby home, for a bit of freezing then boiling. So, speaking as an economist, I’m sure that on average he’s quite comfortable.




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