Ocean Diver training at Wraysbury – July 2013

What a lovely day, shame about the vis!

Ian, Stuart, Joe, Ken, Clive, David and I ventured over to Wraysbury a beautiful Saturday morning to do the first open water session with the new Ocean divers. The “heat wave” was in full swing so it had the makings of a good day out… However… we won’t the only ones with this idea as I’ve never seen so many people… absolutely mad! No space anywhere to park and I arrived at 8.45am ! Who said diving was dead, there were so many dive schools it was unbelievable…





Anyway, Clive took in Ian and Joe whilst I took in Ken and Stuart with the aim of just having a gently bimble to get acclimatised  to the open water/vis/temperature.

As it was warm, the first 3-4m were a balmy 17-18 degrees, below that, it dropped to 8 degrees, with cold water and rubbish vis trapped by a thermocline at 3-4m… Once below this, vis was strictly 1m with the lake bed as the only reference point.. It did get slightly clearer towards the far side of the lake and we found the Park range/rhib and 2 boats… not bad considering no bearing were taken… alas the return/exit was not so successfully navigated and we spent 25mins trying to make our way back. We were diving as a three which is difficult at the best of times but in the low vis it was especially bad, indeed we lost each other at least 3-4 times… wait a minute and surface… easy…

Even with the bad vis and detours the first trip into open water was a success.




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