Rebreather Fever! Easter MOD1 Training

David and Chris spent the Easter break at Stoney Cove with Matt Robinson or Midland Rebreather Diving training for their MOD1 Rebreather qualification (45 meters with up to 15 mins decompression) on their new AP Diving “Inspiration” and “Evolution Plus” rebreathers. 

Good Friday was spent studying theory and stripping/building the equipment at MR Diving’s HQ in Staffordshire.

On Easter Saturday, in very bracing conditions, we continued our training at Stoney.  Over eight dives, drills learned and practiced included bail out to open circuit, buoyancy control (very different on a rebreather, compared to open circuit), diluent flush, high and low O2, manual control of the unit and controlled lifts (amongst other skills).   The weather was not kind and at 4 – 5 degrees centigrade, the water was warmer than outside; at one point we were snowed on while preparing kit in the car park!  As you can imagine, in the evening some time was spent on the internet looking at heated undersuits! whilst also studying for the theory assessment.

The20130329_175631 20130329_175612 20130329_171615 20130330_102504 20130330_102446 20130330_083742 20130330_082306 20130331_080719 peace and quiet while diving on a rebreather is striking; as well as not scaring away the fish (plenty of perch in Stoney). Still we persevered and were rewarded with a sunny and warmer day on Tuesday which was a very welcome and pleasant change.

Under Matt’s excellent and patient tuition, by the fourth day we felt that we mastered the basics.  Matt was sufficiently pleased with our progress and achievement in the water and in the theory assessment to have certified us as having passed the MOD1 course.  Next steps: to develop and practice our skills and build confidence and experience, enjoying using our rebreathers.


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