“Champagne” Thames River Dive 18 November

At dawn on Sunday 18 November, 7 CSAC divers (Dennis, Paul F, Anne, Chris R, John O, David, Julian) plunged into the Thames .

After a cold night, there was frost on the ground and the river held a mysterious allure in the mist. Divers were roped to the jetty for safety due to the strong current. This was also a benefit as mud and silt disturbed when looking for treasure on the river bed was soon washed away. So visibility was good.

Champagne diving: Chris R is feeling positive about his find for the club’s ‘Catch of the year’ competition – an intact bottle of Pol Roger Champagne. Other finds included a very nice 1937 enamel boat license plate.

With enjoyable dives, some hot drinks from the field kitchen and a lovely sunny day, a good time was had by all..

Thanks to Dennis for arranging.

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