Feast of St Peter Fair

Today we had our annual pitch at the local Chalfont St Peter Feast day, a major all day event attracting a wide cross section of the local community. Our goals : to tell folks that we are here, sell try dives and get new members.

The day started off looking pretty rubbish in that it had rained overnight and now was back to a light drizzle.. But by the time I had headed up to the common, it had stopped raining and turned cloudy, with a bit of a gale… David,Len, Chris, Sally, Clive and myself put the stand up and laid out the exhibits, Erica the mannequin, posters and flags.  The morning attractions are aimed at youngsters and families so we had a steady trickle of parents asking what age their kids could start, which our standard response is 10yrs of age for try dives and 13yrs for training… We made a quick decision to change our pricing for families to £15 for single try dive, £25 for two, £35 for three and £45 for four… and straight away started selling a number of packages.. Also, I suspect, we will probably get emails after the event as all the try dive leaflets went by 3pm..

The day turned into pretty much a scorcher with a strong wind rattling all the tents.. nothing went airbourne but it wasn’t a sure thing.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day and  lent equipment/exhibits …


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