Rebreather Try Dive Night

On Wednesday 25 April we had a Try Dive night dedicated to rebreathers…  

Several members have been thinking about trying closed circuit rebreather diving instead of open circuit diving for a while now and the first step on this path was to give it a go. So,we did a Try dive night dedicated to rebreathers.  Chris organised M-R-Diving to demonstrate and allow a number of members to try a variety of different devices, in fact we had three types to choose from, a VR Sentinel, Poseidon MKVI and a Buddy Inspiration.

11 CSAC divers arrived for a quick briefing about the units and then proceeded to try one each for about 10-15 mins fully supervised.

All the equipment was pre-configured beforehand so I can’t comment about the differences in set-up time between open circuit but inwater the differences are quite unsettling. The normal boyancy control of breathing in/out to control boyancy didn’t apply and it felt like learning to dive all over again! Otherwise, the equipment wasn’t too strange being similar to a large bcd. The silence from having no exhaust bubbles was interesting and I also found my mask to be changing pressure with my breathing… wierd..  I had about 25mins on a Sentinel and the Inspiration, prefering the Sentinel because it seemed to have a clearer front.. the Inspiration’s counter lungs? seemed to be intrusive on my chest.. Coming from a wing/bp combination I hate to have clutter to the front…

Anyway, we all had a great time and were suitably impressed by M-R Diving, with a very likely follow on session for a longer and in open water experience… Better hide that credit card now !

M-R Diving can be contacted on:



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