Thames Dive – Dredge Testing

This morning we tested the latest tool in our archeological arsenal.. the water pump driven lift.



Looking at the weather last night it looked touch and go whether we were going to be able to go but at 6am this morning the Sun was out and it was fine, albeit a bit too early..  This wasn’t so much a diving trip rather than a test of the equipment ..

Clive, Dennis and I spend about 3hrs testing the pump… Discovering : the manifold on the pump has a serious petrol leak which needs to be looked at, the water inlet on the lift itself needed some mods to stop the clip puncturing the pipe and the overall control of the lift needed thinking about, it’s just got too much of a kick and can easily fly away..

We found the scaffolding grid which we placed on the riverbed the last time we were down there, repositioned it and promptly lost it again for 20mins.. It was eventually found and a line was tied up so we can easily find it in the future.

Visibility was not good, the recent rain and the silt that covered everything was too much.. All searching was done by touch and Dennis managed to dig under the mud with the new tool, finding some sort of ordnance (mortar?) and couple of old bottles… ( move bottles I hear you say;).. But it does prove that if we dig down we can find older material..

Some Pictures:




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