Plymouth Weekend 2011

Just come back from 3 days diving out of Plymouth and we are all on a high ! For many the best ever weekend away… Vis was spectaclar and a surprise encounter with a playful dolphin made the trip a memorable one.

12 divers on Maid Maggie with Glen..

Andy H, Miles S, Paul F, Paul Q, Mike W, Mike P, Chris R, Len T, Geoff C, Gary T, Richard Rolfe and Carl) dived – Totnes castle (paddle steamer) 42m; Persier c 30m. congers, great vis. Next day the Oregon a sailing ship 34m and a scenic on the Mew Stone near the harbour; finally on Sunday, the Elk and a scenic.

11 divers on Outcast with Dougie and Paul…. John OH, David T, Sally T, Chris M, Neil L, Sarah S, Clive C, Debbie W, HazelB, Adele F and Mark T dived: HMS Scylla and the protected wrecksite of the Coronation (1691) , second day ..James Egan Layne and then the Coronation again… so all the team could see the immense Canon/Anchors … Third day Fairlands ( pinacles/reef) and then the Fort next to the breakwater.

For me, the highlight of the trip was diving JEL and being played with by a rather large grey dolphin, following us through the wreck and then playing with us on our stops and waiting for the pickup… awsome…

A diver on a boat after us took a video !


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