Stoney Cove Xmas Dive

Continuing the tradition of diving at Xmas whatever the weather,6 hearty divers ventured North to Stoney Cove near Hinckley, Leicestershire. Freezing fog and frost (-2) were not too appealing but then it never is ..

Xmas Curry Lunch 2016

Xmas Curry lunch in Amersham..

Plymouth September 2016

Mixed weather greeted us in Plymouth… usually a lot nicer but heh….

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John O'Hanlon 25.06.2017 at 01:04 amLike
Chris Morris Thats my buddy almost out of sight again - sorry Jon'O26.06.2017 at 09:13 amJohn O'Hanlon LOL.... typical!26.06.2017 at 09:13 amview 1 more commentsBob Jones What a magical shot.26.06.2017 at 11:19 am
Bob Jones 26.06.2017 at 11:16 amLike
David Tobin Nice day at Wraysbury. Bob Jones went with Dominic. Then Simon and Sophia came along and dived in the afternoon. I provided shore cover.25.06.2017 at 08:28 pmLike
John O'Hanlon A few photos from Coron ... clear water wrecks!, Mostly of the Akitsushima with the seaplane crane..25.06.2017 at 01:04 amLike
John O'Hanlon Continuing our gourmet trip round the area, we going to my favourite Chinese restaurant on Sunday 2nd July.

This is the place:

We have two large communal tables booked for
See More their Sunday buffet so all nice and cosy.

Cost is £16.95 per head + drinks.

RSVP to Peter and I.See Less
13.06.2017 at 04:45 pmLike
Adele Fishleigh We might make it as we are in Marlow for that weekend but not sure yet. Adele

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John O'Hanlon Spaces going fast... RSVP to Pete and myself ASAP.22.06.2017 at 11:12 amview 4 more commentsCindy Chew Can i come?22.06.2017 at 02:25 pmJohn O'Hanlon Course you can. .22.06.2017 at 02:26 pmCindy Chew One place for moi please? Xie xie!22.06.2017 at 02:27 pmJohn O'Hanlon Lol. ..great, see you Sunday week22.06.2017 at 02:28 pm
Mick Mac Couple of spaces up for grabs22.06.2017 at 12:20 pmLike
John O'Hanlon Swanage gang18.06.2017 at 08:32 amLike
Adele Fishleigh Lovely day - immensely grateful21.06.2017 at 09:06 pm1
John O'Hanlon Kyarra Wreck with Bob Jones21.06.2017 at 12:53 amLike
David Tobin Pre-Scillies dive anyone - join Dom and me at Wraysbury on Sunday 25 June. You are welcome to come even if you are not going to the Scillies.13.06.2017 at 03:05 pmLike
Ken Warner Hi David I'm hoping to make it on the 25th. Should see you there. Ken.20.06.2017 at 12:53 am
Benjamin Anthony Thorn Hi there is anyone in the pool on Wednesday?19.06.2017 at 10:20 pmLike
Bob Jones 19.06.2017 at 11:53 amLike
Richard Gommo GomMo.19.06.2017 at 02:26 pmRichard Gommo Conga19.06.2017 at 02:30 pm3view 2 more commentsBob Jones Sorry Richard. I owe you a M next time I see you.😎19.06.2017 at 02:33 pmBob Jones Amended.19.06.2017 at 03:01 pm
Richard Gommo 17.06.2017 at 09:39 pmLike
Richard Gommo Now THAT'S a trebuchet !17.06.2017 at 09:41 pm
Richard Gommo Magnificent Swanage trip c/o John O'Hanlon - well done / thank you - my best ever UK dives !17.06.2017 at 09:39 pmLike
David Tobin David Tobin shared a link to the group: Chesham Sub Aqua Club.
SS Mendi: WW1 shipwreck's bell 'recovered' in Swanage - BBC than 600 black South African labourers drowned when the SS Mendi sank in February 1917.
15.06.2017 at 09:44 pmLike
Richard Gommo Was it you David ... ?16.06.2017 at 07:31 am
David Tobin David Tobin shared Best 60seconds Of Fishing's video to the group: Chesham Sub Aqua Club.
Best 60seconds Of FishingHow not to drop an anchor 😱 wait for it...
14.06.2017 at 11:50 pmLike
David Tobin Congratulations to Daniel Coates on completing his Ocean Diver course today at Chepstow. Mask clearing was a challenge but he got through it. 40min and 30min dives today, min temp 12C and he was in aSee More wet suit.See Less03.06.2017 at 09:44 pmLike
John O'Hanlon Lovely 45 minutes dive this morning at Wraysbury, vis is holding up... in front of us...28.05.2017 at 01:33 pmLike
David Tobin Good day at Wraysbury with Daniel Coates who completed his first 2 open water dives.
This included on Dive 1 when his instructor kicked off his mask and it sank to the bottom. A controlled ascent to
See More the surface and Daniel took the instructors spare mask and carried on with the dive. Guess what he then found the lost mask!!See Less
27.05.2017 at 08:51 pmLike
John O'Hanlon Quality training!27.05.2017 at 08:51 pm1Richard Gommo If I were to get my mask kicked off I'd want it to be by you David.28.05.2017 at 09:06 am3
Benjamin Anthony Thorn Hi guys it's your local apnea dude wondering if there are any divers in the pool tonight? I will need a non scuba buddy if possible.24.05.2017 at 02:42 pmLike
David Tobin I am at Wraysbury tomorrow from 4:00pm with Nick anybody what to coem along after work?23.05.2017 at 08:41 pmLike



Dartmouth May Bank holiday 2016

Three days with Falcon II diving out of Dartmouth. Two dives per day, beautiful sunny days with friends.

Farne Islands and St Abbs in May 2016

Splendid trip with Ruislip and Northwood BSAC club to the Farne Islands and St Abbs. Seals, dolphins, wolf fish, wrecks and an abundance of soft corals… See more:

2015/2016 Winter dives

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we stop diving. As long as you have the correct level of thermal protection you won’t feel the cold. Well, maybe a little but nothing to stop you diving. Here is a collection of images from this winter Chepstow. See more:

Meet us at the Feast of St Peter

Great day at the Feast yesterday…


Mark Powell – Why Divers do stupid things !

This week we had a talk by leading technical diver and trainer Mark Powell, an interesting talk, thought provoking for all who attended .   A brief summary is below but this was mixed with humor and interaction with the club which made it all the more interesting…

CSAC does Red Sea – Egypt


… have just returned from spending a week touring the wrecks & reefs of the Northern Red Sea.  Living onboard the 39m motor yacht Blue Melody, they visited 11 dive sites over 6 days including the marine conservation of Ras Mohammed with it’s stunning fish & corals, & several fascinating wrecks including one of the most iconic wreck dives in the world, the SS Thistlegorm.

CSAC in the press!

Chesham Sub Aqua Club (CSAC) divers feature on BBC’s”Digging for Britian” makes it into the local paper again!

New Years Day Dive 01-01-14

8 plucky CSAC divers kicked off 2014 with a nice blue water dive at Wraysbury lake!

Thames River Dive – 30th Nov 2013

First dive of the winter, with four CSAC divers taking the plunge and coming up with all sorts of rubbish !

New Committee for 2014

Many thanks to Chris for steering the good ship CSAC for the last 5 years as chairman !



New committee sworn in for 2014 is :-

Plymouth Sept 2013

Late summer diving in Plymouth with Explorer & Maid Maggie hard boats, 21 CSAC divers in all, over 4 days of the best visibility water ever seen!